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I’m working on a new project called THRUST-POWER, ENGAGE! and this is a sneaky peek at it.


I have a heavy reliance on computers in my work, and it really bugs me.

Back in the day when I was a fresh faced art student I was very much into working on computers.
It did photo manipulation and digital colouring, using the feathered brushes on Fireworks to do big layered drawings. I look at these in horror now, bit back then I thought they were the bomb. So did other people mind, I had a good time at college song many a bands poster.

But, starting with an obsession with black water colour as a texture after getting into Ben Templesmith’s art, I have drifted away from computers to a degree they are an incredibly minor part of my creative process. Execution Day is now totally hand drawn in dipping ink pen, I do big ass watercolour paintings and make my own ink for printing presses.

This has caused the computer to be jealous, and now the bits I am loathed to complete are the computer bits. The scanning, colour balancing, stitching of panels and lettering together are the bits that I fucking hate doing. Usually because of errors, crashes and freezing. I like to interact with what I do in a hands on way. I am not a clean person, so if I make an ink blotch on a picture or spill or something, I will just glue a piece of paper over the top of it and battle through. If PhotoShop throws a wobbler I am paralysed, and I hate it.

I sit there, brain rotting, as it scans. There must be another way.