Right then you ‘Orrible lot.

Its been a while, I’ve been away totally not blogging and I am back to tell you about this basket of amazing stuff you can help make into a thing:

The one and only Nich Angel is doing a collected edition of his 1000 part comic book Cat and Meringue, ad you can support it and get a copy for only £25. Not to be weird or anything, but when I say only £25 I feel I should tell you that to get a Hardback graphic novel that is akin to a very silly animal man due to its complexity in showing the difficult nature of being fictional, delivered to your door, is a pretty good deal all round.

Cat and Meringue started out as an interesting and hilarious Gag-a-day comic but in the end evolved into something much deeper and more philosophical. Its one of those comics that people should, and hopefully will talk about for years to come due to its introspective and unpretentiously thoughtful nature. Nich Angell has created the Watchmen of Silly throwaway gags. You think its one thing, it isn’t, its tonnes of things. The interaction he has  with his fans is amazing, always willing and ready to get them involved, for example to mark the commencement of his comic’s first year he inserted many of his fans into their huge party gathering. For the purposes of full disclosure I have to tell you I was there. So it only makes sense that he is all about the Kick Starter when it comes to pushing it out of fiction into real life.

You should visit the kick starter page here, and take a tour of his weirdly vertical house, and listen to the sound of the friendliest man in comics by a long shot. I mean damn, how does a man get so friendly… Its like he practices or something.

Get involved.