Hello internet. I am just putting the final touches to the inks of the sequel to my last comic Harvey Spig and the Dead of Night. If you have not got a hold of it, please take it from here for free. You are welcome.



But the reason I brought you all here today was to put all the reviews in one place, for your perusal. So without further to do;

Comic Books and Cookies says:

“[Harvey Spig and the Dead of Night] has a strong vibe of James Bond meets The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”

Fan Boy Buzz says:

“Gonzo’s artwork is unique and has a certain vibe which reminds me of other artists who’ve worked in the comic underground”

Girls Love Comics says:

“Harvey Spig in THE DEAD OF NIGHT reads like it’s the result of a clandestine union between Ziggy Stardust and Michael Bay.”

That Comic Blog says:

“This isn’t the sort of artwork you see day to day, it’s not as refined but the style is just as, if not more so, intriguing”

And Big Comic Page says:

“‘gritty realism’ is clearly not the order of the day here.”

There you go. If you want to review the comic yourself, please do. Just tell me about it and I’ll stick it up here, whether you loved it or hated it I still value your opinion.