Hello long time no words. I’ve been hella busy, I had my first Solo show at Westgate Studios, I went to Thought Bubble, which as always was a joy and a pleasure. Got to spend some time hanging out with the total beast, the ultimate Legend, the true hero of comics that is Brandon Graham. Here is a wonder Saga picture he drew for me in my Sketch book:Image

Whats truly weird is that its in my personal sketchbook, and therefore, I cannot get it out. Its over two pages as well, so to get it out would be to destroy the book, and the picture, but its nice having it in there just so I can look at it every now and then. To get to the page that it was drawn on Mr Graham had to look through my sketch book which was a wonderful and embarrassing process, sort of like showing someone your dick and balls. Embarrassing in that you’re showing someone your Dick and Balls, and wonderful if they look down and with a smile say “That’s good dick and balls,” only he didn’t because it was a sketch book. Image

Thats a picture of The Will and Lying Cat I did from BKV and Fiona Staple’s amaze-a-thon that is Saga. If I was going to do a best of the year list, Saga and Prophet would share top place. They are both obscenely creative, beautiful and horrible in equal measures. If someone came up to me and said they wanted to make comics I’d put copies of both into their hands and say “Read these before you try, because if you aren’t saying something on par with these guys, you’re going to be lost.”

Have I talked about Tale From a Lonely Planet yet?

Its an anthology by Stu Perrins and Lonely Planet Comics Clockwork Goat Comics who had to change their name recently due to the icy hand of The Lonely Planet Tourist Franchise. Tales though, still remains, I’m not sure how the naming works on something like that. Its probably that Lonely Planet own the rights to the name “Lonely Planet Comics” because one day they’ll want to do a comics about why you don’t go Hosteling in anything below a 4 star rating, and how to avoid skin lice. Anyway, the anthology, like I said, lives on, and I did another Harvey Spig adventure for it.


Its full of explosions and stuff, and I may do a post on the design ideas I put into it at a later date, but Mr Perrins of Clock Work Goat has plans, and I think we’ll be making an Alpha issue with the first 3 hot chunks of Spig Action in it, so I don’t want to flood the universe with images of the comic that I’m hoping to sell to people at a later date.

But anyway, you can buy it here, and if you do, you get a comic and are making a donation to Cancer Research UK.

Not to spoil the whole wassamagig of whats going on next year, but the revamped comic company that Stu is working on has got a huge lot of brilliant plans up their sleeve and I don’t want to ruin it. But I’ve got new comics coming out, and a bunch of stuff that WAS avaliable online, but now isn’t, and soon will be.

Know what I mean?


Do you follow me?


*Cough punkrockapocalypseandexecutionday COUGH! CHOKE!*


Here’s a thing:


That’s FUNK SOUL SAMURAI and it’ll be available next year. I’m also very much aware that if I say things on the internet that I have to do them, or that if I don’t do them then I seem like a right prick. So, I’m going to be scant on this. But FUNK SOUL SAMURAI is will be available, and in colour, and full of zombies and swords and silliness. Filled to the brim with mutants. Chock full of the undead. I’m thinking of stuff. Whatever, did anyone else think that the Hath were a massively underused Dr Who creation. Considering the Weeping Angels keep turning up when they are sort of one trick ponies, and the Hath were never used beyond their bit part in The Doctors Daughter, its sort of sad.They probably retired the monster game to try other things. Imagine if they had their own lines of pizzas in alien supermarkets:


I’ve been doodling a lot for all sorts of things, and came up with this sort of exploration platform thing that looks a lot like a prawn. I don’t know why, but I’ve always thought if we wanted to create cool machinery we should look to the successful survivors of nature, and nothing is more successful than those that live in the harsh environs of deep sea earth. Like the Pistol Shrimp, or the octopus. But here’s some form of mech:


Take care my friends, I’d promise to do another one soon, but I’m not making empty promises friends.

Stay Cool.