Which basically means I am giving up Alcohol for January, and putting all the money I would have spent on booze to good use, and donating it to Cancer Research UK. YOU CAN DONATE HERE.

Everyone who I’ve said this too as of now has sort of snorted and Gone; “Ha, you?” because I am a noted boozer. I love a drink, I get raucous and merry and on innumerate occasions had a few too many. I also like alcohol. I LIKE it, the taste, the feeling of a heady brew, the colour, the smell of a nice ale or wine. I like drinking. So this means that a lot of people do not believe that I can do it, and that said, it makes it all the more an adventure right?

If you owe me a drink, or if you want to support me, or the charity which is, lets be honest, the real reason I’m doing any of this, the donate HERE.

There of course there is the much smaller other camp of people who shrug and say “Well I could do that!” and therefore don’t see this as much of a sacrifice. I’m happy for you that you don’t need drink as a way to loosen up socially and actually embrace yourself for the loving human being that you are, but I’m English and its the only way my people can do it. Imagine a British male dancing without a drink in him. You can’t. Its impossible. Science has proven it to be an unachievable event. There are graphs. This is definitely a sacrifice and I’d like you to support it.

I’m also giving up Energy Drinks, and thus-far have earned a tonnage of cash just by not buying a Red Bull whenever I feel the slightest bit sleepy. I also, feel better and its only been two days. I will be committing money to this as well. Its not entirely reliant on your donations, but they are appreciated. For every drink I don’t… erm… drink I’ll be totting up the amount I WOULD have spent and donating. So there’s that.

I will have to think up some things to do to encourage people to give, but as of now, I am just going to beg you for your support. Thanks For reading.

Nick Gonzo

Professional (non)Drinker