I was hoping to share with you the last thing I drew last year and the first thing I drew this year, but then this happened;

Mo Money, Mo Spiderman snippet

So, below comes the gripping three page comic tale “Mo’ Money, Mo’ Spider-man”. Just to preface this tale, I want to just say a few words. The first is that I’ve started sketch booking more recently, ever since getting a copy of Brandon Graham’s Walrus. One day I will post a blog without fawning over that man, but its so hard, he’s so lovable. Anyway, started hashing out ideas, expanding my ability to draw faces and really work on things that I might not want anyone to ever see.

I think there’s something direly wrong with people who, upon inspection of their sketchbook, only seem to draw perfect pin-ups and wondrous pieces of art. I find the failed bits and simpler drawings equally as fascinating, and if not, more telling of how someone things. This three page comic was just something I drew to amuse me, and for all intents and purposes, bar the occasional flip through that someone does every now and then, no one would ever see it. But I enjoyed it so much, and I genuinely giggled a bit, I thought I’d put it on the BLOG.

I drew this whilst watching Mary Poppins (or to give it its title in its native tongue of whatever the fuck Dick Van Dyke was saying “MAWWREEE PAUUURRRPEEENS”) with a bit of colour added after the effect. Maybe three hours work. Its badly scanned because I didn’t want to cut it out of my sketchbook, and I couldn’t even be bothered to rub out all the pencil lines properly. That’s how much you mean to me. So before some troll tells me I’m shite at art, I know I’m not, so go to hell.