blog bit 1

I have wanted to do a blog post at least once a week this year, but I’m right in the middle of colouring right now, and its painstaking. I really am not a fan of Colouring, not because its not rewarding, seriously an image can be massively improved by the addition of colour. If I’m inking an image that I know will be in Black and White, I add as much depth as possible, but when I’m doing something that’ll be in colour, I keep it simple, try not to over complicate my shading, don’t want the image to clash.

Also, right, when I’m drawing something, I kind of know how long something will take. But colouring is deceptive, it depends on layers and detail and all sorts of thing. So sometimes a splash page can be quite quick to do due to it being just one big image, and loads of small panels can be quite time consuming, but… oh I dunno, this isn’t always the case. But, I’m about half way through, and you can expect Funk Soul Samurai soon.

Anyway, here are some sketches I’m did.

dredd sketches

I find it really hard to Draw Judge Dredd. I’ve been reading Dredd comics for years, for two decades at least, and I find it almost impossible to nail down exactly what he looks like. And I know what you’re thinking; “hey surely the point of Dredd is that he looks like very other Judge but with a big chin and he’s been interpreted by so many artists surely what he looks like it truly debatable”, and yeah, you have a point perceptive human, but I want to nail down what he looks like to ME. Its a big difference between being able to draw sort of Pin up portraits of the guy and being able to do him off the wrist in my own style. I always imagine Dredd as a sort of burly thuggish guy, really towering, tall, strong and gnarled with constantly getting shot and stabbed. I need more practice I think.

Anyway, here are some Space Marine type folks:

Space Marine 1

I was looking at the Art of Elysium book online and even though Gregg Broadmore wasn’t attached to the movie, you get a real sense that his style lingers in Neill Blomkamp’s brain. The robots are very him, and the power armour/ exo-skeleton support frames are his sort of idea, only far more gritty and nasty, because Broadmore’s stuff always has a nice stylised sheen to it. If you haven’t seen his Dr Grordbrot Vintage space weapon work, check it out immediately. Anyway, so I started doodling a few of these rugged space fighting dudes in the sketch book whilst watching films with my family today, the first of which looks like an angry Zach Galifianakis in Power Armour. For the sake of full disclosure, I haven’t seen Elysium, but it looks like fun.

space marine 2

That dude looks a bit like David Duch… Doo… Duke…. He looks like Fox Mulder.

space marine 3

I imagine it takes a lot of hardware to run one of these things, lots of computer bobs and that, so the machine has to compensate for carrying a hunk of computer around with you. These sorts of sketches remind me of the ones I used to do way way back in college, where I just piled on the detail because I couldn’t really draw. Only, i feel like these have more depth and are… well far better. Lots of detail is my thing, and I cannot escape that. But I want to be more choosy about where I pump in my detail.

Anyway, just for the sake of imagination, I’ve been thinking about the role and useage of these computerised powered frames, and I imagine that they increase speed, accuracy and strength of the user, allowing for a higher degree of maneuverability due to the onboard computer’s real-time calculations of battle probability. It can help you predict where your opponents will strike and allow you to move out of the way faster. Maybe some models have an amount of kinetic shielding allowing for absorption of projectile and concussive damage. Maybe a magnetic field around them to divert bullets like the one Fortune has in Metal Gear Solid: Sons of Liberty. That, was always a neat idea not really expanded upon, probably because you could never know if it was real with that game. Especially the fucking ending in the infinite digital battlefield.

Moving swiftly on, I also imagine that the Frames couple into larger mech-suits. I saw about 3 seconds of Titanfall watching Loading Ready Run’s gaming news show Check Point and hand in hand with Pacific Rim it made me want to do a Mech-suit sort of comic. I’ve got something brewing that takes place in the same universe as Funk Soul Samurai, but I’ll see how the myriad things I’m working on right now go.

I think I’ve babbled enough for now,

I hope to write something about my Dryathlon, because I’m more than half way through and haven’t had a drink this year. Its been a struggle for me and I want to torture you with details about it. I’ll leave you with a quote from Charles Bukowski quote that I think applies to blog posts and sketch books as well as conversation:

I get very tired of the precious intellectuals who must speak diamonds every time they open their mouths. ~ Charles Bukowski