Evening all,
Welcome to a very new blog post, within which I explain Hourly comics day. But first;

I finished Dryathlon, raising £50 for Cancer Research UK, so thanks to everyone who helped out with that. Upon finishing I feel much better actually. I feel thinner, and I feel less likely to just HAVE a drink. I could have tucked in last night, or had a bottle of wine with dinner, lord knows I have lots of booze in the house left over from Christmas, but I just don’t feel the need. I don’t know how long this enlightened state will last, but, lets hope its a while. Whilst I will be drinking in the future, I think I might cut down on the amount I do, and also think twice about doing it just because I’m bored. Often I’ll have a drink because I’ve got nothing else to do, instead, I’ll just have a cup of tea.

My tea consumption has gone through the fucking roof.

Anyway, I am debating whether or not to have a glass of wine now, and I might, I might not. I’m just so off the chain. I’ll probably just have a cup of tea.

NICH ANGELL, honorary space cadet and welcome guest at the International Gonzo Space Station has started the slow and steady marketing drum beat that’ll eventually cause my heart to vibrate out of my chest for 7String Volume 2. 7String is an amazing all ages (probably, little bit of blood but COME ON) graphic novel series set in a world where Music is magic. Each character is unique, each location amazing, and the rich plot is bubbling away, so with this volume, our eyes and mouths will melt like a Nazi in an Indiana Jones movie. Its a sort of Western-Manga mix, with superb colours, a fantastic sense of humour and I love it. I LOVE IT!
Its Saga with more Keytars.
Its Starwars with a guitar sword.
Its The Last Airbender with a Led Zeppelin CD.
Its Oscar’s Orchestra

Maybe less of the last one, but you get it.
Anyway, he’s released this Dark Knight Returns style teaser.

Check it out and try and solve it. I did.

Moving on. The 1st of February is Hourly comics day, which is pretty self explanatory. For every hour that you are awake you produce a comic. It could be a diary comic, it could be a one off amazing journey into surrealistic adventure, it might not be. I, for reasons that are far beyond me, probably because I didn’t realise it was Hourly Comics Day until I had woken up and checked twitter, I decided to walk you through my every day life. I work on a Saturday night, as you will learn, so the quality dips a bit there, but honestly, I don’t think that matters. As a unit, this serves as a look into how I live my life and life is sort of boring at times. Especially when the high-light of your hour is discussing Wes Anderson movies with a co-worker. I’m going to present them without commentary, and I hope you like them;


hourly comics 10am

hourly comics 11am

Hourly comics 12pm

Hourly Comics 1pm

Hourly Comics 2pm

Hourly Comics 3pm

Hourly Comics 4pm

Hourly Comics 5pm

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Hourly Comics Day 9pm

Hourly comics 10pm

Hourly comics 11pm

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