I just drew something I don’t even UNDERSTAND.

I really hate it when that happens. I hope that when reading the comic in question there will be a point where you turn your head away and just think, what the fuck am I reading. I really hope that happens, because there have been many moments, moments of weakness of faith where I have thought, oh shit no one is going to like this. But does it really matter if everyone, as long as SOMEONE does?

All I know is that I got the message from Mr Perrins today that some Reviews of The Tree are coming up, which fills me with total fear. People don’t seem to get my art quite a lot of the time and it gets to me. Especially when put in comparison to the art of others. I don’t pretend to be anyone else. I don’t try to make my art look realistic, even, all I want is to portray a mood. Or something. I’m not sure, but I always get the shrugs and raised eyebrows. Which won’t stop me. But it puts one up me. *Shudder*

Moving on:

common people a3

My sister; the twitter lord and Blog knight has written ANOTHER play. Her first can be seen here.

I did the poster for it, and this will be put online in due course, but if you are in St Andrews, or for that matter Scotland, then turn up to the SAND New Drama festival they’re putting on, and if you wink and mention my name at the box office you’re ticket will be the exact same price as everyone else’s. THE EXACT SAME PRICE, isn’t that something.

Its something really close to her heart, and she puts a lot of passion and thought into her performances. She write and directs and casts and basically builds the productions from the ground up because she really gives a shit. This is her second Play she’s written and her third production. I’m so proud other I could BURST covering everyone with organs and filth and Beck albums.

So there you go.