Hey, I drew these;

super zombieZombie 1

Super Zombie and Zombie, Sold for £10

They were done on  commission for £10 a piece and posted off to a happy Purchaser. As part of my drive to earn some money for Legal fees, I’ve launched a new £10 SKETCH INITIATIVE! wherein you can buy from me a Black and White sketch for only £10. These aren’t just off the wrists pieces of crap either, I want to create a proper piece of art for you to won and cherish and feel warm thoughts about me when you look at it.

If you don’t want to read a long bit of waffle skip to the next pictures. But suffice to say, I really want to draw zombies.

When I say legal fees, I want to explain what that means. I burnt my leg on a coach last November, causing a large burn on my leg. I would include photos but honestly, who want to see that. Its horrible. It has caused me an incredible amount of pain, discomfort, and inconvenience as I’ve been back and forth from the Hospital and the Doctors seeing plastic surgeons, nurses for dressings and also suffered three separate infections in the leg because that’s what happens when you cart an open wound around with you for months.

I’m seeking compensation from the Coach company for the suffering and the damage its done to me income, its been hard to get up and do my job and I’ve lost out on overtime at work, but the Solicitors I’m working with need to maintain their cash flow. They’re paying out for admin fees and information requests and I have to put back in so they can keep working for me.

So if you want a sketch it’d be super helpful to me, and you get a cool sketch.


Dream of the Endless £10                               Death of the Endless £10

You can either buy one from me that I’ll be posting up here, or you can email me and request one from me.

Email me at nickgonzodraws@gmail.com

All sketches cost £10, and I will draw anything for you, as long as its not too over pornographic or horrifying.

If you want a piece of original art, or know someone who does, or want a cool gift for a friend or family member, then please, don’t hesitate to ask me, or just drop me an email.

Tuskan Raider

SAND PERSON! £10                                      


   Bunny Rabbit, sold for £10

Postage is like 90p for the UK and £1.50 for Europe and anything above that I’ll have to check, but it’s probably around £2.00

Every little helps, and it would really help the cause if you told people about this. Tell friends and co-workers, because just one commission would help me with the payments. Reblog, retweet, repost, reply, repeat, recycle.