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I got a new job recently, working proper nine til five for a few weeks before I start doing earlys/lates rotations and being able to squeeze more comics into the day. Right now I’m sort of shuffling about in comics limbo. But, I have been sticking with the sketchbook I promised myself I’d draw in. So here’s some choice cuts.


You can see the four horses I got in the Grand National Sweepstakes above. All ran, two were dismounted including ol’ TeaForThree there who just happened to be the FAVORITE TO WIN THE BLOODY RACE and thus ended my first foray into the gambling world, in twelfth and fourteenth place. I place this game where I semi-watch TV and as quickly as I can draw peoples faces. None of them ever look like the people I’m drawing, but they look interesting enough to slip into comics. I am always looking for character designs.

Get this, when I was younger I thought that Character design was the be all and end all of comics. But ultimately, it isn’t. Like a Harvey Spig comic for example. I invent a bunch of people, then spend far more time drawing the main characters over and over. Per title I must come up with one or two new characters, then the rest are background faces you’ll see once or twice. Heres an example, in the next Harvey Spig I get to draw a bunch of demons. Here is the character design sheet for them:


Thats your lot. In my days of Deviant Art addiction I’d do character sheet after character sheet of poses of mooks who’d turn up for a panel. Realistically, if you’re comfortable drawing a guy from several angles, you’ve won the hardest battle there. Only one person above made it into the comic, I thought the melty guy looked dumb and replaced him with something more threatening, and the cyclops is a quick drawing of someone’s twitter Av I liked. I wanted to get something of a similar look later on so I scribbled him down.


Iron-man should go into space. If I had all that cash/money lying about I’d be off star-fucking the galaxy, ripping Galactus a new one, getting cosmic powers, finding the new world in SSSPPPPPPAAAACCCCEEEEE…


I do miss my beard, but its growing back now. I realised I’d never actually drawn myself without one, so I ended up looking like Beaker with bushy hair. Also; adding AND BRING ME PICTURES OF SPIDER-MAN to any urgent request will only make you seem more cool and awesome.


Half-Life 2 is the best designed game I have ever played. The detail and world building, the attention to story telling and plot progression, the fact it tells you NOTHING and you have to infer so much by exploring and reading and PLAYING the game. Its amazing. Its sick-wicked-cool. No game has had the same pull over me than Half-Life 2.


Faces are weird.

Remember, trust no one whose sketchbook is filled with perfect pin-ups.

Mistakes are how we learn and learn to be AWESOME.


I draw myself a LOT, not in a sort of self-celebratory way wither, I’m always a dumpy Gnome. I might do a comic about that, why I fantasize about myself.

I think its because I find it funny to stick me in daft situations, or because I’m a rampant EGOTIST.

Who knows.

That bear is a cool guy though.


I’ve started doing life drawing as well, so when I have a few of those I’ll stick them online. Usually, in a hour and a half session half an hour is devoted to loosening up and sketching lines and shapes for the big one hour drawing, so I only ever leave with fragments of any use. I love Life drawing, I think if you don’t do it as an artist you clog up and get bogged down with how you think a person is shaped instead of how they’re actually shaped. Everyone is different, we have lumps and bumps and no one adheres to the stupid image forced into our faces my magazines.

You can always tell artists who don’t life draw because their women always look airbrushed.

I read a Supreme comic from the early nineties last night, and the women in it where fucking horrible. Their necks were thicker than their waists. Its like everyone forgot how the world worked for a while. You can see why comics were such a boy-club for so long, I felt disgusted just holding it. I imagine having to explain it to my daughter years from now. You know, when she exists.


People keep thinking I have kids. Its probably because I talk about my hypothetical children a lot.

That’s MEANT to be Casanova Quinn from the super sweet comic Casanova by Gabriel Ba and Matt Fraction. I was experimenting, I’m not sure if it worked, but its worth mentioning.


So there we go, Ten more Turnips from the Tip.

Hoped you liked looking.

If you have any thoughts or feeling please comment, or email me at

Have a nice evening.