Have you been watching Utopia?

Its a Channel 4 thriller centered initially around a graphic novel called the Utopia experiments (that details the worlds conspiracies told from the perspective of a mental patient scribbling away) and the people who are trying to uncover its hidden second volume, and the people trying to suppress it. Its tense, violent and has a superb soundtrack of experimental trippy music.

Anyway: Comics

average joe cover with titles

I did a cover for Average Joe, a comic by Robin Jones, Leon McKenzie and Brad Holman. Its about an average bloke (Probably called Joe) who finds out that whilst he sucked at the every day world, his skills at computer games, adventure role playing and extensive knowledge of comic book lore mean he is best suited to life in the Norse apocalypse. I am yet to read it but I loved the premise and was stoked they asked me to do a cover.

50 signal page 350Signal is done. Its a comic book about a specially designed space explorer who finds a huge piece of space junk that makes no sense and the whole comic is basically me just being slow paced and introspective. Its probably going to be 3 issues long, and have an eventual point. It’ll be with you soon. I just have to do a cover and arrange it. It was done in a personal sketchbook on really shitty paper, for my amusement and then when I ran it past a friend they thought I should show it to you. So I hope you like it.

Funk Soul Cover againFunk Soul Samurai is totally done.

That is not the cover anymore, I did a new one that I felt more confident about. Its weird doing a cover because you have to sum up a series or issue in one point and if no one knows what the fuck it is you are doing then well, you have to sell it to them. Funk Soul Samurai has a back matter and everything, with me babbling on about a few things in the back. Funk Soul Samurai is my baby. Again, I did it for no one else but me between loads of other projects and its a bit all over the place.

HArvey Spig

Harvey Spig is super underway, and will be out soon. I am chewing through the pages at a rate of… knots… is that how you spell knots in relation to nautical travel? Anyway, its nice and dark in tone, has ink washed tones again because that went down well in the last one, and has a speech given whilst killing a tonne of people about Criminals being safer in prison because the heroes are too villainous.

I am taking no joy in drawing this episode of Harvey Spig because all the fun was sucked out of it by that reviewer who told me my art was of the same quality as Maths textbook doodling during class. I am simplistic. Well thanks anonymous rage squirter.

I'm batmanI drew Batman. He is a very angry man, who seems to be obsessed with the fact his parents were murdered. One day he will have to come to terms with the fact that even if they hadn’t been murdered, they’d be dead of natural causes by now…

Well thats all I got.