I always feel weird writing the first words of a blog post. I always want to say something like “Hey Gang” or “Hello Chaps”, but its the most contrived thing to do. I don’t like it when I read it, why should I start my blog posts with it?

Anyway Images:


That’s my sisters Hamster, possibly the most tame thing on Earth.

So what have I been doing recently? Well, I’ve been doing writings with Robin Jones of Average Joe fame on Project Truncheon, which I think has had its full name released with a logo, but for me, for now, its still code name: PROJECT TRUNCHEON until I stick it up here. I like working with code names. I am also working on writing a graphic novel with the forementioned Mr Jones about the North of England and myths, legends and monsters. My input so far seems to be writing crazy essays on history and ancient religion and then doing nothing with them. I’d better send them over to him soon. When I’m done I’ll have so many pages of mad waffle, might put them together into an ebook or something. Mad Nick’s History of things.

My English teacher in college ended an essay he wrote to demonstrate HOW to write an academic essay with a Bob Dylan quote. In my first essay in University I included a picture of Robbie the Robot.




I like to do a warm up of something other than what I’m working on before committing to the real work because it gets my hands and eyes moving properly. The most literal sense of a warm up. I also like to do Life Drawing classes every so often in order to loosen up my figure work. Stop people from just being a series of boxes when I draw them. Oh yeah, back to Rob for a second, Average Joe is being promoted at Nottingham Comic Con, and they’ve got free stuff and a competition, so if you are there keep your eyes open for them.

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And the endlessly Talented nicest guy in comics that is Nich Angell is starting a new kickstarter campaign to get 7String into peoples hands. Its the second volume and the first blew everyones minds, so you know, when that happens give him all of your money.

Heres a picture of him after leaving the rest of the boy band and on the verge of releasing his solo hip-hop album.

Look at him, couldn’t you just eat him up with a spoon?

Yeah, well done me for cementing my weirdo reputation just a little bit more. I do not want to be known as the creepiest bloke in UK comics. FORBIDDEN PLANET INTERNATIONAL have written a thing anyway about the next Volume of this amazing series.

One day I will do a blog post where I don’t mention how much I love Nich Angell’s comics.

One day I will do a blog post without mentioning how every blog post mentions Nich Angell.

Nick Gonzo’s Blog: The premiere location for Nich Angell News.


Robin Jones is watching Utopia. Every couple of hours I get a text saying “Thank you for making me watch Utopia, I didn’t need all this time to do things and live my life. Thank you for delivering me from a social life into the hands of this TV show”

Luckily there are only 12 episodes.


Aside from a few last minute washes to do Harvey Spig will star in WHEN THE CIRCUS COMES TO TOWN very soon. It was meant to have an october release date for its print version but that didn’t happen. I don’t always work reliably fast. So it’ll be in digital soon. Funk Soul Samurai awaits me to finish a cover, as does 50Signal, so the last part of the year will be awash with me doing comics for you.

Stu Perrins will be at Leamington Comic Convention with print copies of Prime, his Super hero comic, so go to that and buy them.

I will not be at any comic book fesitvals or cons, except Thought Bubble, where I will be a guest and we should all go for a pint and be friends. I’m going to quit the booze again for October, not to raise any money, just to lose some weight and that, but I will probably blog lots about it, because blog posts and Hot Chocolate are my alcohol replacement.

The new Alt-J album came out, and it was amazing. I was worried that it would be a steaming dog turd, seeing as their bassist left them between albums. The first album was so amazingly Bass lead, that I thought having him leave would be like removing Mick Jagger from the Rolling Stones, because whilst all the elements are really strong there is always something just a bit exceptional. As it turns out they’ve experimented a little bit more and found a nice strong direction for their difficult second album. Its got some great singles and musically is probably the stronger of the two albums they’ve released. Its not as original and haunting as the first, and how could it be the first was so out of the blue, but its certainly a good continuation.

Speaking of coninutaions, I watched Kick-Ass 2 the other day, and aside from the fact its not a hugely great movie, I was interested by the way there was a huge divergance from the comic. When Kick-Ass 2 the comic came out there was a little stir because THE MOTHER FUCKER (well done Mark Millar) rapes Kick-Ass’s then girlfriend NIGHT BITCH (award winning writer Mark Millar everybody) and its just another case of a guy bandying rape about like it ain’t no thing. But in the movie, when that moment comes, THE MOTHER FUCKER can’t get it up, and just physically wounds her. To comedic effect he tries to get an errection to go through with it, but instead fails to achieve lift off. I thought it was much better done that way. You can’t jam a rape scene into the middle of a dark, yes, but ultimately fantastical comedy. Its too serious a subject matter.

Its almost Monday now, I am going to go to bed. I’m cutting this a bit short, I want to talk about how awesome Aphex Twin’s new album is too, but I’m just too tired and my neck hurts from staring down at the computer balanced on my knee.




***A brief edit***

I cannot get this out of my head.