IMG_20141004_112631[1]Check that out, its every page of Harvey Spig so far. I know the new one isn’t out yet, so saying this is a bit silly, but dude-bros prepare yourself for its special edition, which will be a great big oversized collection of all the issues so far, extra art, extra bits and commentary and stuff. It’ll be well good.
I also want to share a thing with you. I did this image for the Leamington Comic convention involving Harvey Spig riding a lion with a thompson machine gun and a perfect Manhattan. The Perfect Manhattan is the best kind of Manhattan by the way, my friend Sam Parker told me all about it. When drawing it I penciled it perfectly as such:

20141004_183452And then for some reason in the inking process I shat myself and did it totally wrong;


What the fuck did I think I was doing? I obviously had never seen a lion before, or maybe had my brain scoured of all Lion related business, so I needed to fix it, and used an old ancient technique of glueing a square of printer paper over the top and just drawing it again.

20141004_185017 20141004_185406I got this idea watching Jim Mahfood drawing Marijuana man when he did that with Joe Casey and Ziggy Marley, and he drew a panel, didn’t like it, and just cut it out before mounting the page onto a new sheet of A3 and just drawing in the gap. What a guy. His art is always amazing, and I envy the casual way he splashes ink about and the curves and expression he packs into a page, man I love that stuff. I pick up anything of his when I see it, and his art books are worth getting.

Moving on, SOMEONE ELSE who cuts things out and glues them over the top of stuff is Madeleine Flores.

20141116_145652Here we are giving the Tumblr gang sign. Its called the Meh. She drew me a Batman, and again I love her style. Its so relaxed and has that smooth edge to everything. I also adore the way she draws women, the figure work in the Bee and Puppy Cat comic was divine, I got to watch her draw a Sailor Moon sketch and it blew me away. Basically; it was Thought Bubble the weekend before last and I spent a huge amount of money, and met some lovely people and got to see Jon Lock’s mustache in person.

20141115_125024Thats not his shield by the way, that belonged to a Captain America cosplayer with the most insane attention to detail. All of his equipment was period appropriate, and he had the lines to the Captain America War bonds speech on the back of his shield. I always find it weird meeting people whose comics I like because, ultimately, I pour praise on them like a true sycophant. I honestly believe that Afterlife Inc is one of those important comics that will explode in popularity and BBC four will have a TV show about in about 20 years. They’ll have me on as a talking head interview, drunk as a skunk shouting about how I got in on the ground level.


There he is, the Captain America, along with a Brit-Cit judge and the Judge Death replica badge made for me by the wonderful team at Planet Replicas. Fun thing about that badge is that to comic fans its super cool, but to people I meet in the Street I look like the most morbid man on earth. I have a huge steel badge that says DEATH in capital letters on it. I did spend a lot of money on lots of fantastic comics that I took a picture of because everyone else on Instagram was doing it.

IMG_20141122_125515 (2)

It was the best one yet, and I had a great time. Do you guys know about Vince Hunt? He is a hero of mine in comics at the moment, his series, Red Mask From Mars, is fun, crazy and the sort of sci-fi madness we need more of in comics. Here is whewre, usually, I’d put a picture of his smiling be-bearded face, but I couldn’t find a picture of him anywhere. He is a pretty handsome guy.
Lets talk a bit more about the Red Mask From Mars: The eponymous mask is a small red face hugging alien that attaches itself to the face of astronaut and thrill seeking pugilist Doug Stewart, who uses his new found symbiotic relationship to fight off an invasion of Vampiric aliens and a gigantic squid monster. Vinnie has a dark sense of humor and when Doug dives out of a plane with a claw hammer in his hand to kill a giant monster you get that unique philosophy that’s packed into every element of the comic. Great characters, smooth dialogue and a personality to its art, its worth grabbing a copy of, which you can probably do here.

IMG_20141122_143656I think thats more or less me done for this post. I hope you enjoyed my waffle once again, and as a reward for getting this far down the post I will present to you the first three pages of Harvey Spig, which you can read on the condition you click the logo below and like my facebook page.



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