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Might jump right back into the comics love if that’s ok.


Blue Rose

Every once in a while I read something that just blows me away. The first time I read a Sandman comic, the first time I read The Umbrella Academy or Narcopoilis or Maus. These are comic series that you read and knew they were different and were saying something and were expanding your mind. Blue Rose is astounding, Warren Ellis delivers an astonishing story once again. The writing is dense and not overwhelming, its clever without being pretentious, and it is gorgeous. The art work is unlike anything else I have seen, its filled with Tula Lotay’s personality and its beautiful beyond compare. I have bought several copies of it with different covers just to own more of Lotay’s work. I could give you a break down of the story but it’d be without a doubt useless, because whatever description you put on it would just diminish its freakishly complex story. I said this to Tula Lotay and I’ll say this to you:

“The more I read this comics, the less I understand, not just about the comic but the world around me”



Nich Angell. Nich Angell. Nich Angell. 7String Volume 2 is brilliant. It looks great, it reads great, and its a continuation of a series thats just blasting holes through the competition. In a world where Music dominates everything, one man wants to use it to dominate everyone, and one young mans path for vengeance takes center place in this comic book opera. I can’t say how much I love this, and I don’t want to because I seem to go on about it all the time anyway. But its one of my stand out books of the year.

The Red Mask From Mars

Red Mask From Mars

Thrill seeking Astronaut Doug Stewart goes to mars and gets a symbiotic alien attached to his face giving him super strength, speed, agility and the power to punch evil in the face. Now with its official first issue the Red Mask From Mars shows us its titular character in action hammering an explosive into the eyeball of a city block sized squid with a carpentry tool. Vince Hunt delivers the art and writing, and this is his first comic and if he has other stuff going to come out evolving from the quality hes squeezed out here we will all die from the radioactive quality it’ll release into our atmosphere. The reason I love it is because its the sort of knock about fun British comics were built on. Before Dredd was Karl Urban he fought a talking car called Elvis, and had a shoot out with a robot cowboy on the moon, SO YOU KNOW;

Vince Hunt is that child of these comics and he has fun in his stories without sacrificing story, pace, characterization or depth. Buy it online.

The Punisher

the punisher

Some dick described the Punisher 2014 as a Hipster Noir, and I call this guy a dick because he was being dismissive, and because it meant I had to go out and buy it immediately. The Punisher is a 2D cardboard cut out with a guy who kills people because someone pissed him off by killing his family. Nate Edmondson puts a halt to this by giving the Punisher a driven and self aware internal monologue, and killer set pieces brought to life by Mitchell Gerads’ mix of sketchy blacks and detailed line work. It puts the Punisher firmly in the Marvel universe and gives him purpose and emotion like hes not had for a while. Frank Castle has had a hard time. I mean the guy died and came back as a Frankenstein’s monster style beast. He deserves to be classy and cool for a bit.

Moon Knight

Moon Knight

Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey bring my favourite masked crime fighter back into his game, and bring him back down to earth by having him tackle street crime on in the alleys of New York. Warren Ellis knows a few things about Moon Knight, first of all that he is batshit insane, and that he is best when his psychopathic disregard for human life makes for a great fight scene. He’s like Batman who doesn’t pretend he’s actually good. In this short run, Moon Knight, working closely with the police as Mr Knight, tackles all sorts of crime from an infestation of shared killer dreams, ghost punks and five floors of gangsters who all need a beating. I love it, and really if you like a good bit of weird crime, you would too.

Marceline and the Scream Queens

marceline and the scream queens

I like Adventure Time, I like Meredith Gran. Combine the two together and you get the story of Marceline the Vampire Queen heading out on tour to bring the power of rock to the world. Its filled with that wonderful creativity that runs through the TV shows veins, but with a heaped tea-spoon of musical humour. The art is kinetic and has a fine balance between Gran’s own personality and the shows unique aesthetic. I just like it.

I’m done with this one for now, I am tired again and could talk for days about what I liked from this year. I’ll probably do another one before the end of the year and tie it all together. I’m trying to get a load of junk off the ground before the final days of 2014 and its all been a bit of a rush. My heads a shed.

So thanks for reading, and enjoy the Christmas stuffs. I will write shit some stuff before the end of the year, because I have to do a run down of the years albums, on this my new REVIEW BLOG, apparently. I will go back to being a shouty opinionated tosser fool later.