papercuts and inkstains coverfIts a fucking comic book:

It’ll be in print as of March, going to give it the once over with Captain Jones on Wednesday and send it to be proofed. The guy works extremely hard to manage these products, raise kids and have a life and the such like, and I respect him greatly for what he’s done, because hes made a stir around this product, given it an identity, worked out the market and made a great effort selling it to interviewers, websites and the like. As such, here comes a collection of review links:

Heres a podcast, called Saturday Morning Comics, wherein a guy digs my style and I confuse a few people. With the story I put in it, I tried to do something really interesting with the layout, and the story itself was complex, ambiguous, and had a twist in the end. I don’t think we missed the mark, I think that I made something visually impressive that might not be the smoothest flowing narrative in history, so maybe its not a 100% success, but I had fun.

Heres a review that is compliamentary by, doesn’t mention me though.

Unleash the Fanboy says: Papercuts and Inkstains #1 is a bold new direction for the humor sketch anthology, with it’s unique style of wacky tales being hilarious. This, along with the fun art makes this a worthwhile comic to pick up when it hits comic stands

Comics Annonymous say words.

Curiosity Of A Social Misfit also speaks words.

Down The Tubes speaks a series of letters in an order that creates meaning.

I have to shut up a bit about certain things. Reviews are weird beasts but necessary for comics. Ultimately make up your own god damn mind whether you want to buy it or not, and then make up your own mind about whether or not you like it. If you want to write some words about it, then please do, write about what you like, write about what you don’t, be creative and be constructive.

madius photo 1Look its me, promotional photo looking smoulderingly into the camera, beard looking a bit Abraham Lincoln. I googled what Madius means recenty. Something that NO ONE DID before we cooked up the name. I say we cooked up the name, that was solely Rob, and its a good name, though no one knows how to say it. Madius, rhymes with Amadeus, maybe. I think its May-dee-us, Rob says Mad-ee-us, but Image was taken so we had to go with something. Anyway:

Madius (Ancient Greek: Μάδιος) or Madya was the Scythian king after Partatua. He conquered and ruled the Median Empire from c.633-625 BCE.

Check that out.
Thats pretty damn cool.
Its also the pseudonym of a Canadian fursuit wearer.


I have very little else to talk about at the moment.