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Borderlands 2 is cool. I now know why so many people won’t shut up about it.

I go through wet hot streaks of playing the game, at first after you leave Claptrap alone and make your own way in the frozen tundra I thought it was going to fall into the Final Fantasy VII hole, where the first bit is cool and then its all down hill from there. But once I got back into the roll of things it really is an amazing game. I’m currenty playing through as Zer0, the stealthy cowardly type, and I have a sniper rifle that sets people on fire. Sorry, had a sniper rifle, I remember that I hot-swapped it with a shotgun I found randomly and threw it off a ledge into infinity. Whilst most games would send me into a fit of rage with this feature, it was my fault and I admit it, and a game like Borderlands regularly gives you insane weapons of quality. Previously I had a Sniper rifle that fired 4 rounds at once, that homed and spat acid.

What I really love about the game is the variety and the humour. Often ploughing through factories and tunnels, killing identical guys can become stale very quickly, but with the pop culture references, insane weapons and unique touches like the set dressing and characters, its hugely playable. And the PS4 version is pretty as hell.

Oh yeah, and Brett Ewings died, which is a killer shame. Bad Company was a comic I loved as a kid, and even though I never read it in its entireity, it was something I really loved the look of.


papercuts real

Papercuts and Inkstains is now a real thing, marking the start of the Madius Comics print initiative. First this, then 50 Signal, then some other things we can’t talk about just yet. Things that will look amazing and blow minds. Modesty is a lost thing now. No one is ever modest anymore.

I prefer to say: we will publish some things which we are proud of, and I hope you’ll like them.

50signal cover50Signal has been reviewed already and its been nice and positive. I’d entrenched myself into a doom-bunker in preparation of a nuclear wave of negativity to flood over the land, tainting the soil for future generations, “nothing grows here that isn’t bad” they would scream on the surface as deep in my bunker I’d eat stored beans tearfully and blame myself for the comics maelstrom, “The dark shadow has come to this land,” I’d sob “The pale rider named death stalks my people because of me”. But luckily, that is an eventuality that wil never happen. Even if from now on the reviews are all shocking, I have got these pillars of light to rest upon.

Comics Bastards say:

Gonzo builds it as this light carefree space exploration story about this wonderfully simple spaceman that’s full of excitement. But by the end it’s beginning to develop into a complex story and that carefree opening isn’t what it seems to be. It’s not a bait and switch though it’s just a changing of perspectives which is incredibly hard to get right.

Comics Anonymous says:

Nick writes a great opening issue that sets up the background of the space program and the crucial ending that leaves us guessing what the hell could happen next.  Nick’s art is simplistic but it’s charm suits the cult vibe for this issue #1 and while this won’t be to everyone’s taste…..I thought it was pretty much perfect for the story.

So there you have it. I will tell you if there are anymore, but other than that, here are a few pictures I took on Holiday in London. I love the city of London because it isn’t ashamed of its art. It doens’t hide it like an ill advised tattoo up its sleeve, it wears it on every street corner.

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