Check that the fuck OUT, right? Its a comic book I made and its real on dear god does my studio floor need a repaint.

I got home last night after a particularly raucous night out and found out the Proof had been delivered for my perusal. Its beautiful. The print is fantastic, and it makes the monotone elements look so rich and deep, and the best things about it is that its scaled properly. I was worried that because it wasn’t drawn to 100% American comic standard size it might sit weird on the page but again my fear was unfounded.


This means that it’ll be available mid-march for all you hungry boys and girls to get your hands on. If you want a signed copy then please do get in touch. I’m doing some sketch copies too with drawings on the back page. There is a fly leaf at the back with enough space for me to personalize the books for folk.

Lookong at 50Signal #comics #makecomics #art #madius #reasonstobecheerful

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 And its getting more love than I anticipated.

I’m just going to quote a big slice of that review now:

50 Signal Issue 1 was great fun to read. It picks holes in the Spaceman sub-genre and you see flashes of 2001; A Space Odyssey, Prophet from Image Comics, Tim Quinn and Dicky Howett’s short comedy strips for Marvel UK and Doctor Who Magazine, Silent Running, The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and even some Euro SF weirdness like The Survivors by Leo. This is all mashed up into an ongoing epic that still holds onto the concepts of introspection and the lonely space traveller at its centre.

HOLY COW, right? That guy totally gets me and where I’m coming from. Gets my references and my inspiration and also is the first review to discuss my future intention with my plot. I want people to read 50 Signal and wonder what its all about. In an ideal world I’d like people to write speculative essays, but that might be a little too far.

Read the review, because it’s an example of a well written review, as well as because it likes me.

Up all night to draw Judges #2000ad #judgedeath #comics

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I’ve finished the inking element of my Judge Dredd/Judge Death collaboration with Brad Holman, I would have stitched it all together in Photoshop today except I got distracted by life and an incoming cold. I got this tickley cough. Man I hate it. But that’ll be available for purchase soon. I also did a Ro-Jaws picture too which I want to share with you but it needs some finalizing. I have this Pental (Pentel or Pental or something) Brush pen that’s essentially a self-inking paint brush that is AMAZING to do textures with. Its upped my shading game something shocking. I want to do a comic just of robots and just spend lots of time shading them.

Check this out though, first of all exhibit A:

Thats a photo I posted to twitter of the first page of an experiment. I just started drawing a comic from an idea I’ve had for a few years, so I pieced together a rough script/layout and started drawing. It was just me taking my mind off 50Signal for a bit. After I drew a Ghost Rider pic, inspired by Artist Kevin Popisil, Kevin posted this,

Exhibit B:

I want to work with this guy so much, that I’ve put together so many pleading emails to work on a script. The man works in these dirty, graphite lines that have so much meat to them that he was born to draw zombies and wights and the undead. Demons and aberrations should abound in a Kevin Popisil comic. Follow him on Twitter at @arisetodarkness. AND if you are reading this Kevin, I am sorry I have not put the proper accents in your surname, I have no idea how to do them on my keyboard.

The Big Punch Magazine is nearly here, which fills me with joy beyond comprehension. When that gets here, I’ll do a blog all about it. The preview for 99 Swords is online now and YOU CAN READ IT FOR FREE! It seems to be the embodiment of the fun and creativity comics should be all about, and I know Jon Lock and Nich Angell will blow the FUCKING DOORS off the comic world with this baby. I think we are in a bit of a golden age for indie comics right now. With printing at insanely high quality readily available to anyone, webcomics hosting sites allowing anyone to create personalized places to deliver their comics, and more Comics fairs and conventions that you can shake a stick at, anyone can make a comic. Indie comics are where the more out there ideas can flourish and develop and some fat dude can make a comic about a Space guy with no genitals flying about space finding weird things and Two guys, one of whom does a comic about the business of the afte3rlife and another who has a universe where Music is more or less magical power, these two guys who live no where near one another can put together their own magazine.

Important to note that Big Punch is more than just Jon Lock and Nich Angell though, its helmed by the equally fabulous Alice White and Lucy Brown putting their oar into the comic boat.


There you go. I’m going to have some more beer.