Sort one this one.

Good god, I hate trains. I’m more aware of DVT on a train than I am on a plane. Probably because planes were designed by a guy aware that long flights will happen and trains were designed by a guy who fucking hates you.


Now I know this is weird, but I was talking about fears with… either a colleague or my sister the other day… or both at separate intervals. Anyway, during this conversation everyone was like: Spiders. Roller coasters. Fire. Whatever. Me, I was asked what my fear was and I have two answers:

1) People touching my eyes and teeth.


I will touch briefly on eyes and teeth.
I don’t like them being touched. There is a big trend of me doing foul damage to eyes in my comics and I blame things like The Evil Dead an 28 Days Later for this. I don’t like the idea of being blind. Hence; fear they’ll get all wounded.
Teeth comes from my years wearing a brace. During that time I have my teeth wired and tightened and pulled out in the name of cosmetic improvement. That’s enough to fuck anybody up.

My fear of blood clots is based in the idea of objects hurtling around your circulatory system like asteroids of scabs getting stuck in your valves and lungs and tubes. It’s a frightening concept and I don’t want to entertain it.


Here I am, surrounded by the joys of 100 or so copies of 50 Signal. Hooray, it exists and you can probably order it now. Check out this link below:


Or of you want a personalised sketch copy (each equipped with a unique drawing and a dedication) you can bug then for a flat rate of £5 including UK postage by emailing me at . If it’s America or elsewhere I will review it on an individual basis.

That’s all you get this Sunday evening. I’ve been travelling down to London and back this weekend and I am all alcohol delicate and my sister is feeding me soup. I’m weak and tired and need my rest.