First up some shameless promotion.

50Signal is on sale tomorrow… or at least Wednesday the 25th of March via the Madius Comics shop.


But if you want a copy of the comic with a thank you and a sketch in the back the you will have to email me directly at and I can get that sorted out for you for the tiny price if £5 which includes shipping within the UK.

Title your email “50 Signal sketch edition”


That great fleshen lump at the bottom of that picture is my ankle, just so you know it’s now some squamous horror I have lurking around. Just me and my grotesque body.

If you have any questions or insight or statements to make concerning 50Signal or anything else in this beautiful world of ours, then direct your emails to the same place:

And if you are okay with them appearing in here please note them “fit for print” and that’ll be cool won’t it.

People have been talking to me about the comic a lot. It fills me with a warm sense of pride that this comic, whether you enjoy it or not, is worth talking about. I’ve had a few wild speculations in what exactly is going on during the comic,  one of which more or less got everything right.

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I have been listening to a lot of podcasts recently. But which I mean I have been listening to two podcasts recently in a highly concentrated volume. The first is Harmontown, a podcast that completely bypassed me for some reason, or more accurately I bypassed it because it just didn’t seem like it was for me.

Weird considering I’ve been a fan of Dan Harmon and Rob Schrab for years and channel 101 inspired some terrible videos from me over the years. But I’ve probably heard Dan Harmon’s voice more than anyone else’s over the past few days. It has inspired the sort of surprise laughs in me that make you seem like a psychotic in public. A guy avoided me by circumnavigating a whole store instead of passing me in one aisle because I was laughing my tits off to a solid gold harmon anecdote. I’d recommend it if you like rambling humour.

I know Harmon is a bone of contention because he spends a lot of time in the public eye for being loud and shouting and being hard to work with. That doesn’t bother me too much because I know how these things can boil out of control, but if you put aside those thoughts and remember that American national treasure Chevy Chase is a mammoth rape joke making dong and that Season Four of community DID SUCK then you’ll be fine.

The other thing I’m listening to is The Beat Bee Sessions which is a radio show style music podcast hosted by Jane Dope and Food One, aka Jim Mahfood the comic book and funk artist extraordinaire. I love a good music show, when I used to work late nights at university and such I would listen to all sorts of radio shows like God’s Jukebox with Mark Lamar. BBC6 music is my favourite thing on earth and listen to the catch up shows on an evening, but until the BBC let me download shows for offline listening then podcasts will be the groove for me. The Beat Bee delivers all ranges of music: funk, soul, hip – hop, rock and electric. Not having the tyranny of a self curated play list breathing down your throat is strangely liberating. Because I have no option but to listen to someone else’s music choice and having no option to fast forward means I will put up with stuff I’d usually skip and develop an like for stuff I’d usually hate. Also, the conversations between the tracks are charming and chill and it adds to the shows overall relaxing vibe.

I also like Spektor module curated by Warren Ellis because he has basically produced a podcast of music I love because the music hates me.

The word press app is bugging out so this is the end to today’s edition.

Thank you and good night.