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I’m back from my self-imposed internet reduction cycle, only to leave again on a weeks holiday on Saturday when I will bury my phone in the ground and then be mass communication free for a whole seven days. Eight days probably.

Why did I reduce my presence? Because I was fed up of being argued with. The internet is the biggest gang fight imaginable and everyone is shouting all the time that they know best even when they don’t. Lord knows I’ve contributed to this in my youth but as I grow older I see the importance of peace and harmony in our actions.

Why didn’t I disappear at all? Because if you disappear from the internet, you’re giving up your presence on this grand futuristic web, and then I’d be kissing good bye to a large slice of my business.


11194595_390163137835024_328519146332848566_oYou people are amazing by the way. I did a comic in a sketch book on shitty paper and someone read it over my shoulder and said you should publish it, and I did after Rob had had a good look at it and decided it wasn’t total cow dung, and you know what; you fucking bought it.

Never forget that, sure critics have liked it, and sure we’ve got a bunch of likes on Facebook or followers on Twitter or whatever, but let me tell you, right now, that 50 Signal would be nothing without you people who bought it, and who elected to pay more than the asking price with the sketch editions, or in some cases, just paid MORE.

So this is my thanks to you, and if you haven’t bought it, please order one from the web link above, or email me at nickgonzo@outlook.com and I can provide a sketch edition for you at £5 with the Postage included in that price if you live in the UK.

Read some reviews too, the A Place To Hang Your Cape review is located Here.

The Blunt Instruments review can be located here.

The review by the Big Glasgow Comic Page can be read here.

If you want a copy to review, email me at the aforementioned nickgonzo@outlook.com



That’s my picture of Immortan Joe from Mad Max: Fury Road.

Its an amazing picture and I’d recommend it to everyone, its an excellent picture with wonderful design, story and action. The soundtrack is stunning too, and I have pre-ordered the limited edition vinyl version of the soundtrack. The art work for that ALONE is worth your money and you can check it out here.

My vinyl collection took a hit a while back, someone split a drink into the storage box at a party when it was in the custody of a friend, and it got left and it warped and mouldered and the majority of my collection became a write-off. Even if it was just the sleeve destroyed, the water got to the plastic and just warped the SHIT out of it, making it play like balls when it gets to the deck. So I’m starting to rebuild my vinyl empire from the ground up. Luckily things like my Lydia Lunch/ Nick Cave double album was elsewhere, but my White Stripes bootleg got fucked up and for that my heart weeps.

Having a LOT of fun collecting again. Got a bunch of The National albums on vinyl including High Violet an Alligator at the weekend, and the high point of my purchases was the Drive sound track on two disc pink vinyl. Its beautiful. I’m going to share with you now my favorite song from High Violet and the Drive soundtrack.

I don’t blame anyone by the way, shit happens and only things got damaged. Things are unimportant. We are not things.

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I sort of look around my life and I realize I have a series of collections. A music collection (both vinyl and CD), a comic collection (both trade paper back and single issues), a DVD collection, an art collection. Simon Pegg said some easily quotable vox populi verse about how adult obsession with nerd stuff is drowning out important issues. I believe he is right and ultimately our preoccupation with disposable fiction is muffling the really important things in the world. Lots of people are up in arms about this, but I see his point which is that in the past media used to make important points, and now fantasy and sci-fi IS the major media and is no longer making those important points. Things like Mad Max, Ex Machina, they have made important points, but however entertaining Age Of Ultron is, it is disposable media and ultimately contributes little to the culture of Earth History. What Simon Pegg and I are saying is please, make clever and interesting sci-fi and fantasy, and say something, make a point. If you don’t agree, that’s fine. Shouting at me won’t make me agree with you. That’s not how things work.

Don’t just make comics, make comics that say something.

Reading a lot of books on hauntology at the moment and seriously entertaining that the childishly named noughties never existed. They were/are some form of cultural nexus of all points in history, a Star Gate between times that are disparate and scattered but somehow all exist now. All peoples of all interests can find someone to share their fetish thanks to the power of the internet. Punks, Goths, New Romantics, everyone; we are all here, and we all simultaneously reflect places that existed but no longer hold any depth beyond nostalgia.

For people playing along at home, please read: Ghosts of my Life: writings on Depression, Hauntology and Lost Futures by Mark Fisher.


I just finished writing a very complex and taxing comic for me that should be complex and entertaining for you. Writing things like this cannot be done all at once and so the comic existing in six word documents that hold each story fragment that all collide in one plane. Its called No Love and it has the fasted, most violent scene I have ever written. I hope you’ll look forward to that.

Until next time this has been a ramble from me.

Sleep well.