atomicon 2


Its has been a busy year for me so far, both in and out of comics, so its a real shame that the first thing that falls to the way side is my blog. Always the case. Look at any busy period in my life and you’ll notice a sharp decline in blogging. I think aside from the David Bowie eulogy I did last time I blogged was November. Lots happened since then. I got a new job, drew a bunch of comics, wrote quite a few, and attempted to get Madius registered as a Limited Liability Company.

Not to mention I have only done one blog post since Funk Soul Samurai got released.


Funk Soul Samurai has been a great experience for me. Its been a comic that’s got me the most fan art, the most fan appreciation and a cosplayer. An actual cosplayer. The below photographs were taken of @Shantianna66 in her get up, which made me very happy.

fss cosplay

I could reel off reviews at you, or you could Google “Funk Soul Samurai Comic Reviews” and take a look. I don’t know whats good. Do people like links to reviews? Tell me.

So I went to Atomicon 2 in Hartlepool, where I was joined by THE SMITHS, aka Darren and Mike Smith who sat with me for the whole day making me look like a Charlatan by spitting out amazing art work in seconds, sometimes without looking, sometimes without pencils, they just willed art into existence. It was like watching that super computer convert that woman into Robot in Superman 3, only they were converting paper into artwork. Here’s me eating a Bacon Sandwich whilst the two professionals went totally shit house on some art work.


I would like to thank Scoobert Mills and the Atomic family for hosting a great event and I hope they have us back. I think they are having us back. I think we’re doing a signing there in July… more news on this as it develops.

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So we now come to the part of the blog where I talk about books. Since we last spoke I bought the Warren Ellis documentary CAPTURED GHOSTS, and purchased the accompanying book that’s one gigantic conversation with the man himself. I’m always happy to hear the points of view of another artist who deals in things that interest me. I’d recommend it if you’re a fan of Ellis and his comics, as the surrounding philosophy and knowledge that he invests in his work is fascinating.

I reread GRAVITY’S RAINBOW, which is the perfect novel and a quick summer read at 760 pages, with enough characters to collapse a decent sized theater stage. Its a post-modern marvel, a book detailing the ridiculousness of war and ideology, and the ineptitude of fate and those involved in it, all in the shadow of the V2 rocket. The Rainbow of the title is the arc the missile makes as it falls to earth, and the contradiction of the bomb that can only be heard landing after its exploded is one of the many dualities of the book as Tyrone Slothrop explores the relationship he has with sex and death across a worn torn Europe.

All the animals, the plants, the minerals, even other kinds of men, are being broken and reassembled every day, to preserve an elite few, who are the loudest to theorize on freedom, but the least free of all.”
Thomas Pynchon, Gravity’s Rainbow

Also Thomas Pynchon is a funny guy. Comedy is a big part of the joy of his novels.

“The hand of Providence creeps among the stars, giving Slothrop the finger.”
Thomas Pynchon, Gravity’s Rainbow

We went to Doncaster for Digicon 2 (Lots of twos, a sign?) and had the weirdest fucking comic con experience imaginable. So here we are, let me set the scene:

doncaster 2

Truly Mike is the handsome one. Anyway, after the convention is open and people are milling about the center, the doors fly open and men carrying scaffolding and matting come marching in and assemble a Wrestling ring 3 feet away from us.

Later people proceeded to Wrestle in it.

DoncasterIt was really odd. Two men, slapping around one another theatrically, whilst an angry teenager shouts sexually explicit insults at a Vampire themed wrestler who used to be on the WWE. It exploded my mind. This is the same convention with a leaky gunge tank on stage with very few people willing to be gunged, and a compere who brought two prepubescent girls on stage in school uniforms to perform the longest synchronized dance routine in history. It was the craziest, most entertaining day I’ve had in a long time.

Is that us caught up? I think it is. When I return, I will talk about comics.