There will be a day where I can devote the amount of time to comics that I want to. Currently I am renovating my bedroom, which is the most terrible experience. I’m a practical man, I like making and building things, but plastering makes such a fucking mess. Everything is filled with dust. EVERYTHING. My lungs are so filled with detritus that they could be used as flood defenses. If you’ve bought anything from the store, there may be a delay.


The Griff Gristle Kickstarter, the first Madius Comics kickstarter was launched last week, and it managed to meet its goal within 24 hours. Any doubts that it wouldn’t get funded have been annihilated and the only question I have is how long before Rob Jones gets all your money out of the bank and takes a bath in it.

Griff Gristle

Griff Gristle is a lot of fun, its a well crafted knock about adventure penned by alcoholic bin dwellers Robin Jones and Michael Sambrook, brought to life by the excellent visuals of Rory Donald. Donald’s art has the obvious Mike Mignola thing going on, but has enough personality and direction that makes it unique. One thing I love about this book, which I know from having read the script is all down to Rory, is the panel direction. Mike and Rob keep their scripts purposefully light when telling artists which angles and viewpoints so the artist does their own shit, and Rory knows how to compose a scene. He does a mean splash page.

griff gristle 2

Its worth your investment for a beautiful book that just happens to have a great story with it. If you want to review it then email madiuscomics@googlemail.com

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Lance Reddick just turned up in an episode of Always Sunny in Philadelphia. What a weird world.

octopus pie

Finally got my hands on the first Octopus Pie collection. I used to read a shit tonne of Webcomics, and with time I just stopped. I find it difficult to find the time to sit at a computer  and read loads of comics. I know, obviously this is a ridiculous statement because I spend loads of time sitting away from a computer reading comics. But this collection has got me right back into one of the greatest web-comics out there. Meredith Gran is a brilliant artist and writer and crafts great story lines out of a gag a day comic.

Its weird how I lost touch with web-comics. I opened up Questionable Content the other day, a comic I read DAILY only a few years ago, and one of the characters was in a relationship with another character and I couldn’t see that coming a mile off. I think I should get back into the comic. Do people still read web-comics the same way they did ten years ago? I wouldn’t consider doing one nowadays, though the urge is still there to do one. I started out in print zines in college, and then moved to web-comics, but print medium really is how people read all my comics these days. I am considering resurrecting Punk Rock Apocalypse, but it’d be done as a digital release for free. The hardest part of making web-comics was the schedule. Doing a page a day, or three a week or whatever your schedule is needs far closer attention to timing that working on a book to be published, primarily because you have to do them in some semblance of order. With a comic I can work in any order, and if a page bores me I can do something else and return to it.

wet moon

Oni Press have reprinted Sophie Campbell’s Wet Moon, which is an interesting book that combines realism with slight elements of Horror set in a Southern Gothic world: a swampy small town filled with crooked trees and a constant sense of uneasiness and creepiness to it. Its set very heavily in gothic subculture weaving in its fashion and music. Its great, but my favorite thing is all the characters exist within the confines of the real world. Its LGBTQ+ friendly, it has characters with disabilities,  No one is idealized, no one has a perfect body and yet no one is shown as ugly or as a caricature. Its a real world with real people, with a permeating atmosphere of dread and a great story.


Look at that last panel. Look at that mouth with those teeth and that tongue. The art work is presented with such a staggering confidence that I live in envy of. I cannot instill the virtue of realistic characters in comics. Once, long ago, I read an article by Mark Millar in Sci-Fi magazine where he said that comics were the one true Rock and Roll medium because no one is watching it. Obviously his method of doing this is to put in as much rape and violence as his tiny heart desires, but hey, each to their own. He is right in that its a really indie, make it at home do it yourself focus. Explicitly because we were allowed to do whatever we wanted for years and are creating our own stories, comics is one of the rare mediums where people can be represented people.

Come for Iron Man, stay for great stories and real characters and that sort of shit.