come up for air, come up for air.

Stella Artois aren’t known for making really delicately flavored alcoholic beverages, but their Elderflower flavored Cidre is pretty nice.

This is the North Calling, can you read me?

cave photo meI spent sometime dicking around in a cave on Holiday and came up with a spooky story about a cave. My cave experience was a pleasant one (I took a bunch of photos, drew some rock textures in pencil, climbed over some stone in my white white shoes) so I think its typical writer bollocks that you can turn that into something weird and unsettling.

Fun fact, writer James Dickey came up with the story to his 1970 novel Deliverance after suffering a canoeing accident in the American south. He was rescued by some locals, who looked after him, nursed him back to health and got him back on his way again. From that encounter he cooked up Deliverance. Presumably somewhere after that fortuitous encounter he thought to himself “hmm… what would have happened if these kindly southerners had anally raped me and I killed one with a bow and arrow?” and wrote a book about it.

Philip K Dick (second Dick anecdote in two blog posts) wrote his novel Confessions of a Crap Artist about a bitter marital feud in suburban California, whilst in a seemingly happy marriage in suburban California. I think its weird the way people can project, compute and reach catharsis through writing. His marriage didn’t last long after writing that book.


I wrote that on Saturday night immediately  after coming in from seeing Captain America 3: LOOK AT BLACK PANTHER EVERYONE, and it was a fantastic movie that managed to balance having a million characters and giving them enough screen time and character development. Since then things have changed and I am less into the idea of writing a blog.


So, fun story, my country elected to leave the European Union the other day, which has left me in a really bad mood. I feel, not for the first time in my life, ashamed to be English, so I’m not in the right mind set to talk for very long.

I’ll probably get over it sometime next week.