This is the blog of Nick Gonzo, a nom de plume created by some other guy to differentiate between his work that does and does not contain Psychotic Violent, existential angst and brutal swearing.

Nick Gonzo is known for his comic books Execution Day and Punk Rock Apocalypse which you probably haven’t read and Funk Soul Samurai and 50Signal which you are more likely to have read.

576682_510764502303144_947146289_nCraig Neilson-Adams says this of me:

…either Nick Gonzo is a unbridled creative genius that the world as a whole isn’t quite ready for yet, or he’s certifiably insane.

His fine art as displayed at the Strange Cargo Gallery Folkestone and West Gate Studios Wakefield.

His burblings for publications such as Raconteur magazine and Sniff Code have been read by People.

His play Euphanoria was performed to positive reviews, and his Radio drama work for STAR.FM was heard by people.

He now lives near Leeds and ingests too much watercolour paint.